Petrophysics App

We aim at offering an alternative smart cost high-quality solution to perform petrophysical studies. PetroXL gathers the essential tools required for the majority of your petrophysical interpretation studies. It is an ideal solution for efficient evaluation in a context of Data Room, Bid Rounds, Wellsite, and Training. It works within Microsoft Excel 2010 and later versions.


  • Possibility to perform a well data quick look analysis in a context where geoscientists do not have access to their usual software (operations, client location, data room…)
  • Easy to learn, accessible to non-specialist (geophysicist, geologist, reservoir engineer)
  • Workflow oriented architecture
  • Essential functionalities for petrophysical interpretation
  • Easy reporting thanks to predefined graphs and tables for an increased productivity
  • Facilitated sensitivity analysis on input parameters
  • Easily back-tracked and shared input parameters and results (no black box effects)
  • All your work accessible without an active licence
  • Flexible licencing rental option


  • LAS import & export
  • Composite display & Log editing
  • Statistical analysis and interactive data filtering
  • Tops definition, reservoir interpretation zonation
  • Volume of clay and shales estimation
  • Total and effective porosity estimation
  • Water saturation estimation in flushed and virgin zone
  • Net/Pay reservoir flags & statistics per formation


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