What We Do


  • Business Development: Peer Review, Bid Round & Data Room 
  • Exploration and Field Development 
  • Multidisciplinary Integrated Studies from Seismic Interpretation to Geo-Modelling 
  • Field Unitization 
  • Operation Geology 


Exploration Potential Evaluation 

  • Prospects and Block Evaluation 
  • Exploration Post-mortem, And Nearby Fields Analysis 
  • Petroleum System Analysis 
  • Trapping Concept 
  • Volumetrics and Uncertainty 
  • Risk Analysis and Prospect Ranking 


  • Seismic Interpretation (2D/3D) 
  • Well to Seismic Tie 
  • Time to Depth Conversion, Bulk Volume Calculation and Uncertainty Assessment 
  • 3D Velocity Modelling and Uncertainty Quantification
  • Attribute Extraction
  • Spectral Analysis / Colour Blending 


  • Log Data Editing
  • Quicklook, Inversion Model & Uncertainty Assessment
  • Regional well Log Evaluation Synthesis 
  • Core Processing Program and Follow-up (Preservation, Sampling, RCA, SCAL) 
  • Core Database Analysis: Phi/K, Electric Parameters (M, N, A), Capillary Curves and Rock Typing 
  • Electrofacies including Borehole Image texture Calibration with Core Photos  
  • Supervision of Borehole Imaging and Sonic Processing (Best DT And S-wave Anisotropy) 

Reservoir Modelling in Integrated Studies 

  • Building Fit For Purpose Model
  • Workflow and 3D Uncertainty Assessment 
    • Structural Model Building (Pillar, And Structural Framework Methods) 
    • Formation Pressure Analysis  
    • Facies and Properties Modelling 
    • Permeability Models 
    • Rock Typing and Saturation Height Function Modelling
    • Volumetrics and Uncertainties
    • Modelling Iteration Loops to Improve History Matching
  • Fractured Reservoir studies: Fracture Analysis & Conceptual Model 

Operation Geology 

  • Tendering (Logging, Mudlogging, Core Laboratories), Budget Evaluation and Follow-up. 
  • Data Acquisition Program (Wireline, LWD, Core, Mudlogging) 
  • Well Planning (Well Design, Target Definition) 
  • Drilling Hazards Identification (Borehole stability, Pore Pressure Modelling…) 
  • Logging, Mudlogging and Coring supervision 
  • End of Well Data Package Preparation